Hire An Executor to Handle Your Nevada Will

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Hire An Executor to Handle Your Nevada Will


Hiring an Executor to Handle Your Nevada Will

You might think that once you have written down how your assets should be distributed in your will that estate planning is practically over. Even with a precisely-worded will, there can still be a lot of work to do in order to execute it once you die.

In order to ensure that your will is followed according to your wishes, you can name an executor to handle the distribution process. The executor will also be able to tackle obligations on your behalf, such as paying off any due taxes or medical bills and dealing with the paperwork involved with your final estate management.Hire a Nevada will executor

All of these duties make for quite a job title, and sometimes family members or friends will not be up to the task. In these instances, it may be wisest to simply hire an executor to manage your estate distribution and any bureaucratic compliance following your death.

Why Hire an Outside Executor?

Most people name a trusted and responsible family member as their executor, such as their eldest adult child or their surviving spouse. In some instances, these people may not be qualified to handle all of the duties, or they may become embroiled in alleged conflicts of interest when benefactors dispute the language or consequences of the will.

Hiring an executor in Las Vegas means that your estate will be managed by a neutral outside party who is also capable of taking on the responsibilities of filling out paperwork and monitoring estate distribution. Being an objective member with no stake in the process means that accusations of underhanded behavior will be nullified. As the American Bar Association succinctly puts it: “If you have several beneficiaries who don’t get along, you may want an outside executor who’s independent of all factions.”

The fact is that when even a few beneficiaries run into conflict, everyone suffers. The distribution process gets held up until the dispute is resolved, and necessary tasks like taxes and account closures may be negatively affected. In order to ensure that every beneficiary gets as much as possible from what you intended to give them, bringing a neutral arbitrator to the table in the form of a hired executor can be the best decision.

Going Above and Beyond Normal Duties

Another potential advantage to hiring an executor is that they can also bring in a level of expertise to the proceedings. Sometimes assets like stocks, bonds, vehicles and even businesses must be sold to free up funds for paying off taxes and tying up loose ends. The executor you hire can have intimate knowledge of these aspects, or they could have extensive experience with filling out tax and legal paperwork.

When it comes to the latter skills, many people hire a Las Vegas probate attorney as their executor, while others look to a CPA or specialized consultant. No matter who you hire, you will want to ensure that they have the thoroughness to handle every single minute aspect of your estate distribution while having the patience to answer questions from beneficiaries who may be anxious to receive their inheritance.

Discuss your current financial situation with a Las Vegas estate planning attorney to account for all of your individual needs and get any concerns out in the open. An attorney experienced in handling Las Vegas wills can advise you on the best course of action given the status of your assets and your intended beneficiaries.

To begin thinking about your will, including who you might name as your executor, you can visit our Las Vegas estate planning services page.


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