The Importance of Elder Law

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The Importance of Elder Law


Planning for your future care and the protection of your assets involves a lot more than simply making regular payments into a 401k or doing some basic estate planning. As you approach retirement age, there are a number of key issues that you will want and need to address to help protect your interests, provide for your care and ensure the proper distribution of your assets.

Elder law is the field of law that specifically addresses the needs and legal issues pertaining to the senior population. A Las Vegas estate planning attorney skilled in the field of elder law will be able to help you with all of your planning needs including,

  • Making sure you have adequate fiduciary representation,
  • Preparing powers of attorney on your behalf,
  • Drafting an advanced health care directive for you,
  • Seeing to it that your future health and long-term care needs will be met according to your wishes,
  • Establishing guardianship,
  • Working out detailed retirement plans,
  • Preparing wills and trusts to help protect and preserve your assets, and
  • Addressing any other legal issues that may arise which could put your assets or estate at risk.

Without legal protection you could find yourself susceptible to financial exploitation. If you begin to lose your mental capacity, your loved ones or others may be forced to step in and they could end up making decisions on your behalf that go against your wishes. Improper investments or estate planning could result in your hard-earned retirement funds being whittled away by taxes or an unstable economy, thus leaving you unable to provide for your own medical and health care needs. It is for reasons such as these that elder law is so important.

At The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko, our attorneys have years of experience helping aging clients address the legal issues particular to the senior population. We understand the risks you stand to face and we are devoted to helping you avoid those risks by providing you with the legal services intended to address all of your elder law concerns. Contact our firm now so that we can help give you the peace of mind that only elder law planning can provide.


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