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Meet Brian


Meet Las Vegas Attorney Brian C. Tanko, ESQ

In 1995, Brian Tanko opened the doors to a law practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brian specializes in trusts, wills, estate planning and administration, probate, elder law, guardianship, asset protection, debt and mortgage mediation, corporate/business planning services, among other areas. Licensed to practice law in both Montana and Nevada, Brian is also a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner.

“I’ve always viewed myself as ‘the estate planner for the rest of us,'” Tanko says, meaning his practice is not selective or exclusive; he is here to help every client as best he can. “My practice was built on being approachable and using common sense.”

This isn’t stereotypical lawyer lip service; Brian truly is approachable and friendly, as evidenced by the calming office atmosphere and his gentle, friendly persona.

“My clients aren’t ‘customers;’ customers by coffee, fast food and DVD’s – things they can get anywhere. My clients are important to me. If something happens to them, I want to be the first person they call,” says Tanko.

Sometimes this means taking the practice to his clients. “We make house calls; when have to, I visit my clients in nursing homes and care facilities to make sure they and their family’s needs are being met.”

“I serve my clients with some pretty simple rules: I’ll work hard for you, I’ll be honest, and if I make a mistake, I’m accountable for it and want the opportunity to fix it.” “I wish I could say I I know all the answers to my clients’ problems, but I want my clients to know that if I don’t know the answer, I’ll either find it or get them to someone who does.”

When working on a case, Brian respects the fact that most of his clients aren’t lawyers themselves, and many are coming to see a lawyer for the first time. This means not talking over his clients’ heads and, instead “breaking it down so that clients know what I’m doing and why. We’ll spend as much time as we need to.”

This respect is also the reasoning behind such a comfortable office, described by Brian as, “A very collegial, relaxed atmosphere. Coming to see an attorney is scary enough. People are coming to me with personal, sensitive issues; they want to know they can be heard and can trust me.”

It’s no secret that law offices aren’t non-profit. But the focus in Brian’s office is how much help he can give—to any and everyone who comes in the door. Proof of this focus is found in the fact that his biggest praises were not sung by Brian himself, but by his assistants and his clients. Firsthand experience with Tanko Law Office shows how each client reacts to Brian’s work, and sees in him, “a modesty that is refreshing.”

“He’s really kind, compassionate and takes time to listen to his clients. When you deal with wills, or probate, you’re dealing with death; people are grieving and uncomfortable. He is a calming, reassuring presence for people.”

Not only that, Brian recognizes that each client has different needs and wants, and makes sure the help he gives is tailored to that particular client.

Life isn’t ‘Law and Order,’ the Hollywood version or otherwise. When you’re faced with chaos in the realms of estate planning, elder law or business and tax law, turn to Brian and his team. In his office, you’ll be able to bring order to the chaos with legal help and personal hope from an attorney who sees you as a neighbor, not a dollar sign.

When asked to describe Brian, Brian’s assistant Kathryn Cox put it best: “[He] makes you feel like a family member when you walk in, and that exudes trust.” With Tanko Law Office, you’ll be met with experienced advice you can rely on and a helping hand you can have confidence in.

Brian is a member of the Nevada State Bar, Montana State Bar, Clark County Bar Association (Nevada), Northwest Montana Bar Association, Nebraska Society of CPAs, National Association of Fraud Examiners, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), and is a Graduate Estate Planning Council Member (GEPC).

Brian is a frequent speaker to social groups, professional organizations, and the public on matters pertaining to Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Tax Planning, Guardianships and Conservatorships, Trust and Probate Administrations, Corporate and Business Planning, and Trust and Probate Litigation.

The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko can be reached at (702) 367-6636 or