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Avoiding Probate in Clark County


Avoiding Probate in Clark County and Las Vegas

Need an attorney to help you avoid probate in Las Vegas?

Avoiding probate is a huge concern for many individuals and by working with the right attorney, you may be able to completely deter from, or at least expedite the probate process. At The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko, we are committed to assisting our clients and ensuring that their legal goals are met in a timely manner. Our Las Vegas probate attorney, Mr. Brian Tanko, is proud to offer 18 years of experience in guiding clients to obtain the best possible solutions to their estate planning needs and probate concerns. There are a few different ways that you and your family can avoid the probate process and The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko can help you determine which is most ideal for your specific situation.

You can avoid probate through establishing:

  • Transfer-on-Death: The state of Nevada recognizes probate as the process of transferring titles from one person’s name, to the next. One of the best ways to avoid this transfer process is to have real estate deeds, registration for vehicles and securities transferred upon death to a beneficiary. This can be stated in a will or you can have the titles transferred as gifts in a trust.
  • Payable-on-Death: You may choose to have your bank account payable-on-death (POD) designation placed on it. This POD means that you can still have complete control of your bank accounts and, if you so choose, spend all the money in them prior to death; however, at the time of your death, any funds left in the account will be transferred directly to a beneficiary with no probate proceedings.
  • Joint Ownership: This is the most common option for married couples and domestic partners. In the event of your death, anything that you jointly own with another person will be transferred into their name directly. Community property with right of survivorship will transfer automatically.
  • Living Trusts: In a living trust, all assets that you own will be placed into the trust and, upon your death, be passed on to the trustee. This is one of the most common ways for individuals to pass on inheritance and assure family members that they will not have to go through the probate process.

Get a Clark County estate planning attorney on your side!

The best way to protect your assets and avoid probate is to act now and establish a solid estate plan. By working with The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko, you can rest assured that your important investments will be protected and your family will be looked after in the event of your death. At The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko, we are proud to offer free case evaluations to all potential clients throughout the Las Vegas area and Southern Nevada, so if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our firm and schedule your free consultation now! Speak with a Las Vegas probate lawyer at our firm today!