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Medicaid Planning Attorney


Medicaid Planning Attorney

Looking for an attorney for Medicaid planning in Las Vegas?

At The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko, our Las Vegas elder law attorney is a proud member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and can assist in the collection and preparation of documents and we can also assist in a complicated, re-structure of an individual’s financial assets to protect these assets while giving the client the best possible chances of receiving essential Medicaid benefits.

In many cases clients come to us when their monthly income or resources are nearing the financial eligibility limits to receive Medicaid. In this case a client’s income or resources can be converted into pooled income, or any assets or resources in excess can be converted into non-countable assets. However, making these complex transactions require legal and financial expertise from a qualified professional who has experience in Medicaid planning.

Asset Protection & Medicaid Eligibility

The goal of Medicaid planning is to ensure that the client has the best possibility of acceptance into the Medicaid program. However, since every client’s individual needs and circumstances differ, the motivations behind Medicaid planning are diverse; for example, since long-term care is very expensive, families may want to ensure their loved one receives the quality care they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. In cases such as these they may need the assistance of an attorney to ensure that they take the appropriate steps necessary to receive much needed benefits under the Medicaid program.

Clients frequently seek assistance from our firm simply because Medicaid eligibility is complicated and they can’t afford for a simple error to result in a denial which could be devastating to the health and well being of the applicant. Other clients come to us because the application process can be arduous and time-consuming, and having an attorney help can accelerate the process. Some clients come to us so they can ensure that a healthy spouse who lives at home will have access to financial resources to continue, and because planning ahead can ensure that a family’s limited assets are protected so that the next generation has a home to live in and can afford an education.

Our elder law attorney has extensive experience representing seniors who are looking for healthcare assistance. Since every case is unique, it’s important to have a lawyer who is knowledgeable in tax law to help you develop a solution that allows you to become eligible for Medicaid without having to deplete your assets. Don’t allow yourself to spend all of your assets in order to qualify for long-term healthcare assistance through Medicaid.

Looking for a Medicaid planning attorney in Las Vegas or Henderson?

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