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Las Vegas Guardianship Lawyer

Need an attorney to help you with guardianship in Las Vegas?

Guardians are individuals who are appointed to make all legal decisions about a person’s health, well being and personal and financial affairs in the event that they are unable to make them themselves or, in the case of minor children, their parents are no longer able to make the decisions for them. At The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko, we understand that becoming a guardian is a big responsibility and appointing a guardian is just as important. You want to ensure that your family is taken care of and that you are able to fully provide for the individual in the event that they are incapacitated.

If you are looking to assign a guardian or you have recently been appointed a guardian, it is important that you work with a Las Vegas guardianship attorney from The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko today and receive trusted legal counsel.

Being Assigned as a Guardian

There are a few different situations in which you can be assigned as a guardian. Most guardians are named in wills or trusts and are made aware that they have been chosen as legal guardians and caretakers prior to the event taking place. If you are named a guardian of an adult who is in need of care, you will be fully responsible for the disabled or elderly individual’s needs. These situations may change on a case-by-case basis, but most commonly include financial responsibility, business administration, medical or healthcare wishes, Medicaid planning and, in some events, estate administration. If you have been appointed a guardian of a minor child, you will be responsible for the health, raising, financial care and parenting of the child after their parent passes or if the parent is no longer able to care for the child fully.

Establishing a Guardian in an Estate Plan

During your estate planning process, your attorney may have addressed establishing a guardian for you or minor children in the event that you are unable to care for the child or make decisions for yourself. In order to ensure that the guardianship is legal, it is highly recommended that you first speak with the individual that you wish to appoint to ensure that they are willing to take on those responsibilities in the event of your passing. The potential guardian is then placed into the will as the guardian that all health and medical concerns or care of a child will be placed under.

The state of Nevada requires that all potential guardians, even if they are so named in a will, petition for guardianship over a minor child. This petition can be obtained by working with an attorney from The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko. Under Nevada Revised Statutes, each jurisdiction will require both you and the child to appear in court before a judge to address all legal issues and ensure that you are capable of caring for the child and are a person of sound mind.

It may be in your best interest to have a legal counselor on your side to assist you in these proceedings. If you have questions about your guardianship, contact The Law Offices of Brian C. Tanko right away and schedule a free case evaluation. No matter what legal matter is on your mind, we can assist you today!