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Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials

“It was a pleasure working with Brian on my mother’s will, trust and asset protection plan.”

“We appreciate the time spent with us beforehand listening to our needs and understanding the nature of how we preferred to have our paperwork handled.

“In our opinion, Brian brings a rare gift to the world of legal consulting and legal application. Primarily, he is very humble and unassuming, but has a remarkable ability to orchestrate profoundly open and meaningful conversations on difficult topics. Brian’s engaging style and interaction really set the tone for successful results.

“I have recommended his services to numerous friends and colleagues. I do not think that anyone in the marketplace is able to do what he has done, as well as he does it. As a client, I will continue to spread the word of Brian’s exemplary customer service and dedication.

“My mother and I are truly grateful for his caring and concern for our family. We wish Brian continued success in his practice.”

-Cynthia L. Picardo

“My life was not bad, but it wasn’t organized till I met Brian Tanko.”

“There is a conventional perception of attorneys, ‘We all love to hate them.’

“I am not a businesswoman or a rich and famous type of person; I am just an ordinary person who is not that familiar with most matters of law. I met Brian over five years ago through a referral from a friend of mine, whom I had confidence in, while at the same time I also had my trust issues about lawyers.

“However, I would like to share some of my experiences with Brian Tanko.

“When I needed some guidance and advice, prior to my marriage, concerning my prenuptial agreement, Brian helped me understand the whole concept of a prenuptial. Pointing out the good points as well as the not so good, all with an honest and sincere manner. Brian helped developed my knowledge and understanding of the law, which I had no idea about. I do really appreciate Brian’s efforts in taking me from law dummy to law friendly in a fairly short time, pretty awesome!

“Afterwards, Brian took care of my medical directives, will and supported my immigration paperwork process without hesitation when I need it. My husband and I are so grateful to have Brian as our terrific lawyer and wonderful friend.

“Brian doesn’t always suggest what might make you feel better, but you can count on him to advise what is best for you. I always feel Brian treats me as one of his most valuable friends as well as an important client regardless of whatever circumstance I’m in. Brian is there for you when you need him.”

-Kathy Kim

“When Brian Tanko asked if I could or would write a testimonial for him and his firm, I can only say I was honored that he asked.”

“I was referred to Brian in early 2003 to help me handle the estate of my late wife. It was a rough time for both my step-son and me, but from our first meeting Brian put me at complete ease and he never made me feel like “just another client.” Since that first meeting, Brian has been my friend first and attorney second. Over these past ten years, Brian has guided me thru estate issues for other family members and friends, the sale of my thirty five year old consultant company and other legal issues. During all of these issues, Brian was always assessable and never once did I feel like it was all about “billable hours” which is the way you feel with most law firms.

“Brian Tanko should be the first choice for anyone seeking assistance with an unusual, complex, business, financial or estate legal issue. I’ve dealt with numerous attorneys over the past 40 years regarding business issues with companies I have owned and estate matters as well as estate planning. I can honestly say, none were as professionally competent or care more about customer service or his clients than Brian Tanko.

“When you think of lawyers, compassion and concern are usually not the words you think of first, but with Brian Tanko, those words are a first priority! And after you find out what a great guy he is, you find out what a great lawyer he is to have in YOUR corner!

“If ever you need one of the greatest guys and best lawyers in the area, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not consulting with Brian FIRST!!”

-T. L. Prichard

“Brian and his staff always make my family and me feel like we are their most important customers.”

“I never thought I would be sitting down to write a testimonial for an attorney, but for Brian Tanko, I’m proud to do it.

“Brian has handled a number of serious personal, business and financial matters for my family and me; always a in prompt, professional manner. He is a brilliant attorney, one of a very few I have met that can be creative and ‘think outside the box.’ In the recent financial recession, his help and advice was invaluable.

“Regardless of when I call, brian and his staff always make my family and me feel like we are their most important customers. I will always highly recommend him.”

-Joe DeJesus

“Brian has guided my wife and I through some very intricate estate planning needs.”

“When combing the web for an attorney to handle your most private and personal needs, you want and need a professional you can TRUST from the beginning.

” I’ve known Brian personally and professionally for over 10 years, and he has provided me quick, courteous, and expert advice throughout. Brian has guided my wife and I through some very intricate estate planning needs and all other critical lifetime challenges a family would ever expect to encounter. He listens to you and what your wishes are; then develops plans to meet or exceed your expectations. He and his staff are the most considerate and service-oriented people you will ever meet or speak to. Every caller is treated with respect and promptness to take care of your desires.

“I’ve personally witnessed Brian serving other clients in emergent situations in a very caring and sincere manner. He also understands families emotions can run high while he comforts and guides them during life-threatening times. Brian is there when you need him most!

“I highly endorse and encourage you to meet my friend and personal counselor, Brian Tanko.”

-Dave Haymond

“Mr. Tanko went above and beyond the call in providing legal services.”

“It is rare to find an attorney of the caliber of Brian Tanko. I retained Mr. Tanko as my attorney to probate my mother’s will which had been in a dire state because I had not acted as promptly as I should have in proceeding to file it. This caused me much stress and anxiety, coupled with the demands of the heirs to the estate.

“From my first contact with Mr. Tanko, all of my fears were alleviated. He was very professional in guiding me throughout the Probate process via phone calls, emails and personal contact. No aspect was left unanswered nor unresponded to. His due diligence in covering all the intricacies of this case were heeded to at every corner. What impressed me most was his proactive approach in coming to my rescue and advancing the delinquent taxes on the estate without my need to even ask him for this assistance. Mr. Tanko went above and beyond the call in providing legal services. To me, this is a sign of an unselfish individual who places his clients’ needs first. I appreciated how closely he worked with my realtor in handling the sale of the estate. His staff also exceeded my expectations.

“Probating a loved one’s estate is perhaps one of the most difficult moments in a person’s life, especially when there are many heirs with vested interests that can cause potential problems. I most sincerely recommend Attorney, Brian Tanko, to anyone who needs to set up an estate that will eventually need to be probated or is in need of this service.The process will be accomplished with much speed and sensitivity with no stone left unturned.”

-Reverend Henry A. Liguori

“I have trusted Brian for over 14 years for the preparation and execution of my estate planning needs.”

“I have trusted Brian Tanko, Esq. for over 14 years for the preparation and execution of my estate planning needs. He has prepared and guided my family trust in a professional fashion. I find him to be honest, ethical, compassionate and understanding with my sensitive financial information. He will be my attorney for the long term.”